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Menu & Pricing

Inside and out, your Haute Cakes and Cookies confection is individually designed and created to be its own delicious masterpiece, many of which take several days to complete. From conception to completion, our careful attention to style and detail is only matched by our passion for exquisite flavor and the highest quality, natural ingredients. Because of the many variables involved with each client-specific design, the pricing information provided below should serve as a guide only and is not meant to be inclusive or absolute. ​​​​

Is a cake that "wows" more important to you than how many it serves? Would you rather have a simple, yet polished design to serve more people? Or do you want it all? Whatever you desire, we will come up with a creative solution to meet your needs. Our beautifully crafted all-occasion fondant-covered cakes start at $5.25/serving. As a general average, moderately designed cakes (including many with hand-sculpted figures) range from $6.25 to $9.25 per serving, and more elaborate designs start at $9.50 per serving. 

Dreaming of a custom V-8 engine cake to surprise your groom? Or what about a 4 & 1/2 foot tall sculpted Cat in the Hat cake for your child's birthday party? Whatever the theme, we can sculpt it into an unbelievable 3-D cake creation. All hand-sculpted 3-D specialty cakes have a $250.00 minimum, regardless of size or servings. 

Our standard cupcakes with basic toppers start at $36.00/dozen.

Edible, hand-sculpted custom toppers are also available for purchase alone or with a cupcake order. Prices vary based on design.


We also offer a "Quick Couture Package" which includes one moderately desgined 6" cake (serves 12 max) plus 2 dozen basically designed cupcakes in the same flavor for $158.00.

• An economical offering which provides the most servings and design for the price. Works well with cupcake towers or cake stands to create dramatic tablescapes for any occasion.

• Includes 36 max servings (each additional dozen of cupcakes added is 10% off standard pricing)

• Want two different flavors and frostings with the basic 36 serving package? Add $14.00 (not applicable if ordering extra cupcakes in addition to the ones included with the package).

Our decorated iced sugar cookies serve as perfect favors for weddings, birthday parties, showers and more.

• Completely customizable for your event's theme.

• Available individually wrapped, on sticks, arranged in a cookie bouquet, or packaged neatly in a gift box.

• Most sugar cookies have a minimum order of 12 pieces for larger cookies, or 18 pieces for smaller cookies (may be combined).

• Prices start at $4.00 per cookie.

The best you've ever had. These generously portioned 2.5 oz. cookies are addictive and will have you coming back for more. Slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. You have been warned! $30/dozen. Pssst...we have been told that these make fabulous hospital gifts for new moms! Other cookie flavors available.

These addicting little morsels disappear quickly! Fully baked cake combined with a touch of sweet buttercream frosting yields a luxuriously soft, velvety texture inside and a crisp chocolate coating on the outside. Starting at $27.00/dozen with a 2 dozen minimum per flavor. Custom themes available.

Bite-sized pieces of cake layered with a fruit preserve and/or frosting and delicately covered in luxurious poured fondant. Literally translated, "little ovens," these sweet little delights are the perfect way to add sophistication to any event. Available in Vanilla Bean or traditional Almond flavors. Starting at $36.00/dozen with a 2 dozen minimum per flavor.


Paris in a bite (or three). These little 1.25" luxes are light and divine. Made in custom flavors and colors, although we think the Mocha Coconut Ganache filled ones pictured above are heavenly. Starting at $24.00/dozen with a 2 dozen minimum per flavor. 


Luxury at it's best. These decadent chocolate truffles melt in your mouth and are available in a variety of flavors. Starting at $28.00/dozen (2 dozen minimum).


Haute Cakes and Cookies would love to be a part of your special event.

For specific pricing or more information please call or email us for a quote. 


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